Xian’en Wang talk about how to use medicine in Japan

Chinese Herald News December 2, Gansu Province, Gansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences and University of Traditional Chinese medicine composition of the group came to Tokyo to visit Japan. At the invitation of the Japan-China Cultural Exchange Center of Science and Technology, Dr. Wang Xianen president and his party with the right Min had a discussion, and a report entitled “Japan’s history and current situation of Chinese medicine,” the academic report, noting that Japan’s lessons and experiences of Chinese medicine is worth learning.

Xian’en Wang said, “the progress of medicine mainly in inspection equipment and inspection methods, the treatment is lagging behind developed countries there is a serious medical problem, mainly for chemical drug side effects, the increase of incurable diseases, especially rising health care costs financial repression annual medical costs in Japan has exceeded its tax revenues, is still rising. Therefore, integration of medical insight universal appeal, which is to expand the use of Chinese medicine. Professor Kazuhiko Atsumi former tokyo University, believes that if the promotion integration of medical, medical expenses can be cut by two thirds. ”

Can not make mistakes on the policy. Xian’en Wang Introduction: Although the Japanese position in the rise of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine for health insurance in 1967 from four to now 148 species, there are some in the application, but the proportion of Chinese medicine as a whole is still very low. Yukio Hatoyama, former Prime Minister has revealed that he is in office to actively promote the integration of medical Kampo to expand, but too much resistance from vested interests, the Meiji government to abolish indirect TCM wrong policy inertia is large, it is very difficult to correct Hatoyama remind the Chinese do not make this mistake.

Kampo is to-day terms. “Japan in the Edo period, in order to distinguish the Netherlands medicine, fake title characters, the inherent medicine from China and called Kampo, Japan is now talking about Kampo, Japan alone is defined as the development of medical science, specifically emphasizing the development of its own, one of the The reason is the fear of anti-Chinese forces to ban traditional culture of Chinese medicine, to protect against implicated, in fact, merely Kampo Cuban genre Japan TCM it. ”

Japanese society is re-understanding of traditional Chinese medicine. “Although it is difficult to break the policy level, the level of civil society and government to raise awareness of Chinese medicine. Japan introduced a large number of Chinese Medicine University graduate talent, they participate in clinical, pharmaceutical and health care work in various forms. Acupuncture Orthopedics included in the health insurance system . Diet by the people’s favorite, the new Chinese health food is a window, Japan and most of the world countries, the implementation of health food inspection registration system does not need more healthy size. Many of my friends to reflect China’s health number system, the basic power product of rent-seeking, hinder the development of traditional Chinese medicine. Japan just hype restrictions prohibit the addition of chemical drugs, once identified Chinese health foods containing chemicals, according to the criminals punished. ”

Japan’s performance in the use of Chinese medicine and learn respect for traditional development. Xian’en Wang said: now 148 Chinese medicine, in full accordance with the amount of compatibility with the Cuban side of medicine management process is very strict preservation of cultivation and management is also in place. Japan imports 80% of the medicine from the Chinese mainland, generally do not buy the medicine from the market, but in the designated production base acquisitions. Sino-Japanese relations due to fear of the impact of traditional Chinese medicine trade in Southeast Asia in recent years, part of the beginning of the cultivation of herbs, Japan cannot do without medicine.

The use of traditional Chinese medicine development. Use licorice development of glycyrrhizin injection, extraction from rhubarb or senna laxative made of ingredients such as widely used. It is worth mentioning that the mining of TCM content. We seem unscientific things, they are not simply denied, but the respect of mining, for example, traditional Chinese medical texts and the role of digestion radish, they found the radish is rich in digestive enzymes. According to “clear fire urine child” records, to infer the urine has anti-inflammatory ingredient, extracted from the urine so effective in treating acute pancreatitis protease inhibitor ulinastatin addition, extracted from the urine of drug therapy as well as blood clots urokinase, erythropoietin and pituitary gonad stimulating hormone and other drugs.

Mining plays Chinese medicine. Xian’en Wang introduced: Juntendo University and Keio University conducted using an endoscope tip fecal transplant therapy juice prove healthy stool Clostridium difficile colitis, ulcerative colitis and other difficult disease effectively, the last Research on, experts say China is just repeating the 4th century Ge Hong (284 ~ 364) Mr. approach it, Chinese ancients really great! Hear the case, they feel that they are shallow. Febrile Diseases remember the teacher with the “golden juice” cure enteritis, laughter. Read Eastern Jin Ge Hong’s “elbow Emergencies” regarding employment manure cause diarrhea and food poisoning patients dying, so that “dung juice drink a liter (about 200ml), namely live,” Compendium of Materia Medica also about human excrement treatment records, as I have all the medical dregs. Think in the 21st century, Ge Hong revered as the founder of fecal therapy. Generally believed that the body of 60 trillion cells, the human body has 1,000 trillion bacteria, the bacteria greatly exceed the number of human cells, previous to promote health, is to kill bacteria, did not expect because of the abuse of antibiotics and artificial food and other reasons, causing intestinal flora and immune disorders, and induce intractable intestinal diseases, now eat natural foods and not taking antibiotics healthy bowels became fashionable drugs. TCM thinking visible balance is correct, prompt us to apply knowledge of the eyes to see ancient Chinese medicine.

Xian’en Wang talked about the experience of the last development of traditional Chinese medicine, he said: higher fertilizer as organic vegetables, like vegetables, the future will be higher than the natural crude drug chemical synthetic drugs, herbal promising career. Living environment and lifestyle affect physical and disease by different age, physical and diseases vary, many modern diseases are not ancient, development of new drugs to meet the actual situation of contemporary people, otherwise such as by ancient maps driving – bad driving.

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