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WASHINGTON November 23, the tenth anniversary of the Japan International medicated division will be held in commemoration Bachelor Hall, Academic Press, president of Toyo Masaru Yamamoto Division, Nihon University professor smoked Wine Valley, Chiba university student, Mr. Ikegami Fumio pharmacy, gutta expert Takahashi Professor Zhou Qi, Yang Takahashi Diet experts and more than three hundred Diet division attended the meeting, as the focus of the commemoration program, Special Diet for health and longevity of academic report, Chen Yang, president has announced that Japan, please integration of Chinese and Western medicine expert Dr. Wang Xianen do titled “Diet learn wisdom” keynote speech.

Xian’en Wang said, “people of the world, despite the different color, different religion, but is the common pursuit of health and longevity. How to achieve health and longevity worthy of reflection, because the contribution of health to the average life expectancy of only 8%, was more dependent on Social Security living environment and lifestyle, in peacetime, personal habits play an important role in medicine that attention to diet, spirit, balance work and rest three are very important. ”

“Need a rational pursuit of longevity, immortality is not old Terracotta seeking unrealistic, believe in immortality saver, Xu name to find immortality cheat a lot of money to escape, fled to Japanese legend, the emperor, although not eat grass jelly, But saver eat a lot, died aged 49, it is estimated mainly heavy metal poisoning. Cao Cao when three more rational, recognizing the “turtle though life, when actually even worse …… Yang Yi’s blessing, available Yongnian” That old fool not impossible, but health is likely to achieve a natural life. man’s natural life span of about 120 years old. ”

“Everything is composed of the body eat, so what to eat, how to eat is extremely important. In general, the longer the life of herbivores carnivores, omnivores and herbivores longer than the life of another. Confucius vegetarian meat-based diet supplemented worth learning. ”

He reminded: Dietary Reference dietetics but do not stick to nutrition, dietetics merit, but more one-sided, there are many lessons in history. 19th century proved the body nutrients are protein, fat and sugar three kinds, three of which will be to fine food fashion, the results of unexplained swelling surge of heart failure, died many people know, the original as well as vitamins also needed. Nutrition previous books, speaking scientifically proven plant fibers affect the absorption of nutrients, is a negative thing, eat fiber deemed unscientific behavior, then Europe geographical colorectal surge. TCM, nutrients collectively, “Mizutani subtle”, in addition to the food essence, water is the most important nutrient, we know that about 70% of adult body weight, 80% of baby weight is water, this understanding is very visible insightful.

He explained: five times three thousand years ago, the prime minister Tang Wu Yi Yin do medicated for prevention and treatment of disease, for medicated ancestor, diet is the highest level of medical care, medicine and Edible, Diet is a delicious traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine is unpalatable Diet . What is the wisdom of Chinese medicine herbs to learn it, is the use of heat and cold nature of food and flavors, reasonable compatibility to maintain the body’s balance of yin and yang.

“Yin and yang philosophy is a natural phenomenon and the sun as the sun shines in the state, according to the state for less than yin, yin and yang to maintain homeostasis, or otherwise getting hot, or getting cold, the earth and the sun’s wonderful in appropriate distance, in the not too hot nor too cold location, coupled with the revolution and autobiography, maintaining all of yin and yang balance, then become the only planet known to life, we can say that life is the result of a balance of yin and yang, so everything in the world all things contrary to the law on an exception occurs. ”

He stressed: Science Diet, the food “warm cold”, “lift ups and downs” and “weird” and so is not in nutrition, not a lot of people know, it is the most flash content. For example, capsaicin is no calories, not nutrients the body, studies have shown that the right amount of capsaicin can be excited nerves, promote gastrointestinal blood and mucus secretion, and is caused by an excess of nervous necrosis; bitterness and anti-inflammatory ingredients cool sedation. Yang and physical cold, warm the ingredients can be used to adjust, hot cold inflammatory constitution of the ingredients can be used to adjust, according to the actual situation of the body, choose nutritious soup with cream, ones stomach, Qingxin tea, wine moisten things silently with blood and other ways to prevent disease.

Xian’en Wang said: “Nutrition often to evaluate the quality of the diet matter, Chinese herbs are mainly re-learn balance, just not too much, no matter how good things, excess is harmful Recently, many vitamin E poisoning lead to bone decomposition, causing vascular calcification. The example also shows the balance of consideration is correct. Wisdom Diet learned once widespread access and use, will greatly improve the quality of people’s health and reduce health care costs. “He called on the community to pay attention to research and science popularization Diet.

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December 5, 2014
Source: Chinese Herald

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