Spare No Effort to Promote Traditional Chinese Medicine

5th century AD, Chinese medicine will spread to Japan. But after the Meiji Restoration, “from Asia for Europe,” the Japanese rejection medicine in the medical system, the Chinese were forced to withdraw from the Japanese health care system. However, the Japanese medical profession alone slowly discovered Western medicine, many diseases can not be effectively treated, began to re-examine traditional Chinese medicine. 1967, the Japanese government officially recognized Chinese medicine is medicine, then selected five kinds of traditional Chinese medicine as a health insurance recognized drugs.

Xian’en Wang studied Western medicine mechanism of the process, the role of traditional Chinese medicine has gradually gained a deeper understanding, which is what he was emboldened to promote TCM lies. Xian’en Wang’s research directions in the end this is a Western-propylene analysis subgenomic hepatitis, gastric mucosal cell damage and repair mechanisms, but Xuanhujishi, life-saving idea, let him leading clinical academic.

At the time, there is a Japanese colleague Xian’en Wang unfortunate childhood suffering A peeling dermatitis complicated by liver damage. The liver specialist colleagues that he is, he ran out of Western medicine therapies, but her condition has not improved. Xian’en Wang is so painful to see my colleagues, decided to try Chinese medicine. As a result, with more than two months after medicine, colleagues fully recovered, up to now there is no recurrence. After Xian’en Wang mentor know and consternation, the more encouraged him to strengthen the study of traditional Chinese medicine.

After that, there is a Japanese couple has not pregnant child. They tried artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and all Western medicine, spent more than 1000 ten thousand yen is still no results. Finally, the doctor declared bluntly: no longer treat, is not necessary. The couple refused to give up and, after looking Xian’en Wang advice. Xian’en Wang believes that Western medicine for infertility treatment is mainly specific to sperm, eggs, reproductive organs, but according to the medical point of view, fertility is normal adults already has the basic functions, just to recuperate to normal body functions would can, and so out of natural fertility and healthier children. Ultimately, the results show that Xian’en Wang’s idea is correct, this Japanese couple has its own health baby.

There is also a Japanese university students suffering from severe depression, has dropped out for two years. He did not want to go out, eat Shuishui eat, and eat yogurt, two hours and finally to the point where the urine does not come out. The family took him to see over a large hospital, tried a variety of neurological drugs, but has never been better. Find Xian’en Wang, the therapeutic use of the medicine, food by reasonable compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine, the Japanese young people gradually returned to normal, now a university graduate and find a job, very lively and cheerful.

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