Research “Tofu” to TCM

Xian’en Wang’s hometown in Anhui, is a microcosm of China. “Emblem” word by mountains, water, people, text composition, fully embodies the essence of traditional Chinese culture. 1800 years ago, the Three Kingdoms era of Tuo was born here. Thousands of years of heritage and continuity, so Anhui TCM atmosphere became one of the most concentrated, the most widely popular areas. Under heard head dyed, Xian’en Wang grew up on had a strong interest in Chinese medicine.

Anhui is the hometown of tofu. Therefore, eating tofu has become an important diet Anhui tradition. Youth, “tofu is how to” and “what’s the benefit of eating tofu” and other questions about tofu, one Xian’en Wang appeared in my mind. To solve these questions, he began four open book ask people to explore the tofu come from.

Finally, a comprehensive doctrine of philosophers “Huainan” Xian’en Wang gives a more authoritative answer. 164 BC, the Western Han Emperor Liu Bang’s grandson Liu An dubbed Huainan, Anhui Province in the manor. For the sake of immortality, spared no expense to the recruitment of Liu An alchemist, where celebrities have Sufi, Lee Sang Tian by Leibo, Wu Bo, chang, hair is left Hao eight people, known as “Hachiko.” They grind Bean in a mountain spring water used, again Dan Bean nurturing seedlings, not only to Dan Tempered, careful not to spill the milk in the bittern, causing clots mistaken spoilage of milk. This bold and try to eat local farmer, “tofu”, even delicious, so the tofu to become beings of “elixir”, and the alchemy of the mountain also was later known as “Palgongsan.”

A small tofu so much deep roots. So, what good is it to eat tofu? Xian’en Wang found around the village like to eat tofu, although many people still eat meat, but not many energetic, obesity and cardiovascular disease and very few people. Originally, tofu is low in fat and high protein foods, traditional tofu coagulant gypsum heat purging fire is medicine, Chinese medicine believes tofu classics stomach swelling, heat and blood, longevity effect. Xian’en Wang deeply appreciate the medicine in “medical food source,” the truth. After many years in the same favorite Japanese eat soy, tofu was asked a variety of questions, Xian’en Wang always give detailed answers, let the other a thumbs-up. They do not know that it is precisely study tofu let Xian’en Wang opened the door of TCM.

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