Popular Chinese Medicine is the Best

Through practice, Xian’en Wang will re-recognize the splendor of Chinese medicine, it was thought that trying to get benefited from Chu-i in Japanese society. Every year, Xian’en Wang Each season, open the health culture courses Xi Jinping Jintao is in Tokyo Chinese culture center that made the unveiling ceremony, the Japanese people are talking about curing of Chu-i.

In order to get to understand the medium physician to more people, he – and published a book, such as “Illustrated in medical concept from Nakanishi physician binding perspective” and “impossible ignorance Chinese medicine wisdom”, the principle of Chinese medicine understandable commentary, also has been described from the angle of Western medicine, and not only for a great deal for the general people, it is also to enlightenment for medical professionals.

Chinese medicine and Xian’en Wang learned systematically Western medicine, the Chinese medicine and Western medicine among the work has its own advantages, if caused to combine both, there is an even better effect in the treatment of certain diseases I began to think with. So, I worked from new drugs and health food development. By long-term research and clinical trials, finally metabolic syndrome, alcoholic liver injury, to poor circulation, Hiroshi Ke~tsuAkiraTadashi, blue wind us, succeeded in making products such as Yutakafuji precision, the US and Japanese manufacturers have been produced and sold from.

Chinese medicine dissemination efforts of Xian’en Wang, have gradually yielding results in Japan. 2007, was established “Hiroshi-saki favor Friends” by the various circles of people of Japan, both the Chinese medicine culture PR, to disseminate, and was declared to promote private friendship during the day. Currently, along with the understanding of Chinese medicine deepens, members are more and more.

At the same time, Wang doctor that there is a case where I heal in the middle even incurable disease physician, many Japanese do not know. Because, because information exchange and communication is insufficient. Japan-China Wang doctor and seems to exist the problem that also similar between the two peoples are thinking.

So, Dr. Hiroshi become involved in private friendship activities, actively promote the exchanges between the two countries, you have the medicine the search effort to disentangle the “heart of the ill feeling” between Japan and China. As chairman of China Tome-bi the society, as chairman of the Japan Anhui Renyoshimi-kai, he was involved many times in youth exchange activities during the year date, it provides a wide field of communication in both countries of young people.

Cure “upper physician country, the medium physician heal the people, under physician cure disease -. The doctor can not be considered a treatment easily in this way if the advantages of medium physician Hiromare exactly in the world, many incurable diseases The radically cure well, also can reduce the side effects of expensive chemicals, are able to greatly save medical costs in the society. It is business will benefit mankind. from China as a medical person, do our further effort to promote the expansion of medical exchanges, humanity subjected to benefit in the traditional medicine of China, and “want to spread the Chinese medicine in the world, tasteful style of Wang doctor told passionate. Exactly, That’s a great charity should have medical personnel.

Information Source: People’s Daily Overseas Edition Japan Monthly

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