Play the Life in Chinese Medicine

Anhui Chinese medicine Institute, learned medicine at Tongji Medical University Wang doctor is dispatched in 1991, to Japan to study, Kanazawa University, studied at Juntendo University, was studied.

Among to study the process of Wang doctors of Western medicine mechanism, deepen their knowledge about the role of Chinese medicine gradually, and he had a desire to spread the middle physician with full force. Wang doctor teacher of Akira Takada, Nobuhiro Satō, under the guidance of Watanabe Sumio professor, analysis of hepatitis C genotype, has been the leading edge of molecular medicine research such as damage repair mechanism of gastric mucosal cells, “I will by thinking of Jinjutsu “, I went from academic research to clinical.

At the time, colleagues in Japan Hiroshi doctor suffering from misfortune to atopic dermatitis and liver dysfunction also. This colleague is a specialist of its own liver, did his best of Western medicine of various treatments, medical condition did not absolutely improvement. Wang doctor saw the suffering of colleagues, was recommended medium medical law. As a result, after the treatment with herbal medicine over two months, colleagues fully recovered, it is not not recur until now. Guidance Professor Hiroshi doctor know very pleased with this thing, and encouraged him to further the middle physician research.

In addition, couples with Japan suffering for a long time infertility, artificial insemination, even at a cost of more than 10 million yen by treatment of Western medicine, such as in vitro fertilization could not be pregnant. Doctor finally clear, declared that there is no need to be treated anymore. Since this couple could not give up, I was consulted to Hiroshi-saki on. Doctor Hiroshi, infertility FuIku treatment mainly sperm of Western medicine, egg, is carried out against such genital, from the point of view of Chinese medicine, because pregnancy childbirth is a fundamental function you have the original human, By adjusting the functions of the body to a normal state, naturally pregnant, even born children was also considered to grow up healthy. Ultimately, it is proved that the result is correct idea of Wang doctors, this couple is was able to bestow a healthy baby themselves.

In addition, one of the college students suffer from severe depression, a leave of absence two years, had been holed up. sleeping and eating, also it’s life that eat but, yogurt only and not eat, and finally it has become to the stage as there is not urine unless over a period of 2 hours. The family took him to many large hospitals, it has been to drink medicine of various nervous system, it was while worse. However, when asked to Hiroshi-saki on, performs a diet of Chinese medicine, by reasonably combined food of traditional Chinese medicine, this young man gradually recovered. Currently has worked after graduating from college, very active, is cheerful.

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