Medicine Spreads the Quintessential of China in Japan

Western physicians to treat the symptoms, the medium physician tendency cure the root is, has become already common sense in the current medical community. Why is there such a difference. Many scholars around the world are trying to explore from the medical side.

Is the Associate Professor of Juntendo University, Hiroshi-saki favor doctor, which is also the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Tongji Medical College Professor, you are considered from its own philosophy about Western and Chinese medicine as follows. “Because medicine is only part of the culture, cultural differences is the fundamental reason. In the idea of religious philosophy of Seiakusetsu that Western people believe in is, become a disease caused by the devil, such as pathogens, If clean the devil problem we have to solve. So I take the means of attack from the outside. But under the Confucian philosophy based on Seizensetsu the east, of themselves from being attacked in most cases sickness relative and from blame by specific weakness, “solid this 培元” (and to strengthen the constitution of the original, cheering), “扶正 Kayokoshima” (by increasing the specific resistance of sanity, eliminating the disease factors that interfere with the body ) what is I have to be a fundamental way to ensure health “.

Wang doctor is a foreign scholar that has been introduced in Japan weekly medical community newspaper, to disseminate the health culture of Chinese medicine in the Japanese society, has become a model for promoting the private sector friendly exchanges during the day.

Hiroshi-saki favor Dr. overseas Chinese
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