From China, “It Sir”

After Anhui Medical College, Tongji Medical University study, 1991 Xian’en Wang was sent to Japan to study in public, has in Kanazawa University, Juntendo University study and research.

Grew familiar Xian’en Wang Lu Xun’s works, on Japan’s “Fujino” has been impressive. In Japan, he also met his “Fujino”: Takada Sho Sato hung, Sumio Watanabe.

Three instructors are world-renowned liver specialist, along with their learning, as if standing on the shoulders of giants. Moreover, these teachers are still close friends. Whenever there is trouble, the teachers always comforting to enlighten him; when financial difficulties, the teachers will try to help him. Xian’en Wang still remember the first time Sato teacher return ticket is sent.

At that time, students generally are not economically well-off, an international air travel is a big expense. But Sato busy teacher not only helped him early booked a ticket, but also personally sent a taxi to Xian’en Wang ticket points. Once the money is stolen, the teacher immediately launched over 30 ten thousand yen donation to Xian’en Wang, these sincere help, let him always keep in mind.

And this Chinese guy’s hard work, sincere and simple, also touched Japanese teacher. Schools everywhere are always hard Xian’en Wang figure; seminar, he can always tell the truth cynical idea that teachers and students in Japan, and won the “real Mr.” title.

“No matter where in the world, whether it is as long as sincere, heart to heart, we can establish a good relationship of mutual trust. Overseas Chinese in order to integrate into the local community, in fact, among which only need to follow the nation, people this basic principle. “Japan has entered the mainstream of society Xian’en Wang deeply understands.”

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