Dear Patients,


A person does not develop type 2 diabetes overnight. Type 2 diabetes develops as a result of poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle decisions, and lack of regular exercise over a long period of time. Therefore, curing such a disease after years of serious damage to the liver takes a long time.


There are a variety of hyperglycemic agents available to type 2 diabetics and they are classified in the following manner; inhibit absorption of glucose, inhibit gluconeogenesis in liver, or transform glucose in the blood to fat. Although they decrease glucose in the blood, hyperglycemic agents do not cure diabetes itself.


Blood carries and transports substances necessary for life. For example, glucose (sugar) and fatty acids (fat) are taken into a cell (by insulin), broken down by the mitochondria, and produce energy in the form of ATP. Once the metabolism (the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life) is impaired, the cells of all tissues (including blood vessels) are damaged which in turn leads to type 2 diabetes and an increase in complications.


In the case of a power outage, all electrical appliances become unusable. It goes without saying; you need to restore energy rather than simply checking or repairing each appliance. When considering a cure for type 2 diabetes, you need to restore energy in the cells, meaning, actually use glucose in the cells rather than manipulating elevated glucose in the blood. Ultimately, this means you need to improve the metabolism which is a key function of the liver.


Hypoglycemia is much more dangerous than hyperglycemia because it can lead to a coma or possibly death. Lesions (damage) of blood vessels are often and allegedly attributed to hyperglycemia (high glucose in the blood). However, this statement should not hold true because high concentrated glucose goes through the hepatic portal vein but does not develop damage in that area. Even continuous high concentrated glucose by intravenous drip to animals does not cause type 2 diabetes or complications such as vascular lesions.





Xianen Wang, MD, PhD

Dr.Wang and Koichi Kato (Kato Koyichi) Mr Yuan Japanese LDP Secretary General , Japan-China Friendship Association president