A Biography of Dr. Xianen Wang

Dr. Wang Xianen: 1961 Born in Anqing Wangjiang Shen Chong Township, Shen Chong after graduating from high school, was admitted to the Anhui Medical College, in 1984 after graduating from Western admitted to Tongji Medical University study, and a master's degree. In 1991 he went to study in Japan, has in Kanazawa University, Juntendo University study and research, studied under the famous Japanese liver dean Mr. Sato hung door and get a doctorate.


During this period, he studied writing of "C-type pneumonia genetic type analysis" and other papers rewarded, and make a difference in liver fibrosis, gastric mucosal damage repair, etc., and many have published books and papers. Japan Academic Society February 18, 2006 grant date Xian'en Wang Chinese scholars in the fifth Japanese cultural and artistic achievement award, in recognition of his book "Illustrated medicine concept," a book for medical treatment in Japan, the contribution of clinical medicine. At the award ceremony for the award of the Japanese education critic Xian'en Wang Furukawa said Dr. Wang Xianen said with easy to understand illustrations in medical knowledge, Japan TCM clinical beneficial, to enhance the culture of traditional medicine plays an important role. "Figure that the medical concept of" modern language, succinctly stated the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine will be explained from the point of view, not only for medical professionals is very enlightening, ordinary people also benefit. 26 In Kang, president of the Japan International Cooperation Peace Foundation, "Congress Times' president Gomi Xian'en Wang Wu also thanked the prize awarded.


Now, Dr. Wang Xianen is an associate professor at Juntendo University, and served as a professor at the Chinese Tongji Medical College. Integrative Xian'en Wang from the viewpoint of a new departure, in-depth analysis of the nature of allergies, to find the best fit point in Western medicine, the treatment of hay fever by Xian'en Wang invention, diabetes, skin peeling Yandeng A health food Wang's Pennisetum pass (the domestic market name "North Min Qing Wang's license"), Wang's Cassia Yi Jing and Wang's body has tea by the US FDA to obtain permits to enter the US market. These findings Xian'en Wang, and has caused a great deal of attention in Japan concerned.

Sino-Japanese parties who have research Xian'en Wang spoke highly of, and prospects of development of new drugs Xian'en Wang developed markets have high expectations. Xian'en Wang strive not only to their successful entry into the Japanese mainstream society, but also vividly the charm of traditional Chinese medicine to the world, to the heady "Hua flow" Adds a fire.

Because systematically studied TCM Xian'en Wang experience in the work to Chinese and Western medicine have strengths, but also some of the effects of Chinese medicine Western medicine cannot be achieved, if the combination of Chinese and Western medicine, the efficacy of some of the disease have better results, so Hiro Sato tutor support, Xian'en Wang began to study to focus on the development of new drugs. After a long period of research and clinical practice, and finally successfully developed for fatty liver, alcoholic liver Qingfeng Wang's up to (name of the domestic market, "North Brand liver Yixin") products, the initial test marketing that is a big success, some in Japan drug manufacturers have to find his contact production and a co-operation of new drugs.

However Xian'en Wang consider leaving Japan as China's national public school personnel, with the research, first to serve the country, as long as China can produce on the priority cooperation with China. Such Xian'en Wang attended the Chinese students studying in Japan returned to service activities, and the nation's largest state-owned pharmaceutical companies hit it off North China Pharmaceutical Group, signed a joint development agreement. Now NCPC has been designed specifically for the production of new drugs to establish a new plant, and with Japan signed the mass market is about to begin bulk import agreement.


It is reported that Chinese medicine is now the world's annual production of about $ 16 billion, while China's production of traditional Chinese medicine, mostly low value-added medicines, only 3-5 billion a year. Dr. Wang is undoubtedly the development of new drugs in Chinese medicine for adding a dash of color has been affirmed by Chinese society, in January 2003 CCTV's "Focus" program, devoted to his deeds, the CYL Central Committee secretary Zhou also specially Xian'en Wang special inscription.


May 26, 2011 Xian'en Wang accept CCTV-4 "Chinese World" column special reports, tells the story behind the development of new drugs.


September 1, 2011, Xian'en Wang book, "must know the medical wisdom" in the 18th Beijing International Book Fair a successful sale. [1-21]


Western temporary, Chinese cure, the medical profession has become the generally accepted view. Why is there such a difference? Global many experts have tried to explore the medical level. Japanese associate professor, professor of Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science Juntendo University Xian'en Wang of Chinese and Western medicine has its own philosophical views.

Xian'en Wang said, "Actually, medicine is only part of the cultural differences of culture is the root cause. Westerners believe in the philosophy of religion Evil theory that illness is caused by bacteria and other demons, just get rid of the demon problem is solved, so good with the outside The method of attack, while Asians believe goodness of Confucian philosophy, in most cases, even if the disease is mainly due to the invasion of their relatively weak, so regather, and uphold the fundamental approach is to ensure the health. "


The 2005 was the fifth Japanese Culture and Arts Achievement Award, the first foreign scholars to be Japan's most authoritative medical journals presented, has become popular in Japan TCM community health culture in order to promote non-governmental friendly exchanges banner.

As the first study of Asian countries in Europe and America, Japan is the crossroads of East and West, but also the most intense collision of Chinese and Western medicine places. For a lot of people argue the merits, has deep attainments of Western medicine, Dr. TCM Xian'en Wang perhaps more say. He said: "Western medicine to quickly resolve some acute disease, which is not possible with traditional Chinese medicine and for many incurable diseases, curative effect of Chinese medicine is not Western fusion of Chinese and Western medicine through is king..."