Alumni Profile: Xian’en Wang – Tongji Alumni Japan Branch President

1984 Anhui College graduate, medical doctors To na ri, 1985 with 済Medical (Huazhong University of Science and Technology with 済College, now) School enrollment, in 1988 after medical monks University graduate, So There are the same with the university-affiliated hospital and び Institute of Integrative Medicine ni service, Li Ming true, Professor Ye Wangyun There guidance There moo To, Integrative There are studies To Clinical ni Cong things shi, assistant lecturer wo Jing te, July 1995 Assistant Professor, in April 2002, Professor To na ri, now ni to ru. 1991 annuity Kanazawa Medical Gastroenterology ni dispatch Connecticut made me cry, Professor Gao Tianzhao There guidance There moo To, C hepatitis heritage vale subtypes There are analyzed liver 臓 astrocytes There are function NADO There are studies ni Cong things 1993 School Division ni Juntendo University Admission shi 1997 MD number wo obtain Professor Koichi Sato There moo To instruct There liver line of machine maintenance procedures, gastric mucosal damage repair mechanism and び TCM research NADO There I ru ~ te wo OK.

Pennisetum through NADO plant Cytec pu ri me nn Suites wo jointly open prix. (Tokyo ken ken There epidemic investigation by qualified shi ni, three kinds of rice country wa FDA (Food and Drugs Agency) re ta ni finds Connecticut.)

Zhu Shu: “Improving A peeling of allergies (Atto APICAL ー constitution improvement)”, “Chart said the medical concepts”, “ア Ritz Hikaru beverage giant ー physique There improvement”, “Allergic Constitutions Medical Remedies and Improvements”, “cold E constitution There are improvements.” So There Mizuho ka “liver class wall cell research There are into Bu” 5-12 Volume, “ADK Hikaru U – Hikaru To Medical Biology”, “Cells of the Hepatic Sinusoid”, “21 Century China prix exhibition proposal,” “21st Century Molecular Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences frontier “A total of NADO wo. Three “Mr. Hikaru ma ra Yakult There wind” painter sculptor Kinji Fuchikami Tian Long To There Dui talk set.

Xian’en Wang for me overseas branch president of the Alumni Association of Japan, Tongji 85G, 1991 went to Japan Kanazawa Medical University exchange, since obtaining a doctorate at Juntendo University, Japan and China are active in academic, political and economic fields, outstanding achievements, Chinese and Japanese leaders have been recognized and appreciated. See the website description:

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