Advancing the study and application of Eastern and Western Integrative Medicine.

Oriental and Modern Medicine Blended, the New Way of Healing

Dr. WangDr. Xianen Wang has been an Oriental Medicine Doctor for over 35 years. His philosophy is a cohesion of Western technology and Eastern treatment of the underlying constitutional malady. Dr. Wang uses modern medicine and new aged techniques while infusing the rich traditions of Chinese Medicine to bring a new approach to the medical community.

Dr. Wang is a Medical Doctor with a deep understanding of Chinese Medicine. His patients come from all around the world to see him and take advantage of his medical insights. Dr. Wang believes that the most effective treatment for lifestyle-related illnesses includes an attack on pathogenic factors with a simultaneous reinforcement of the body’s own disease resistance faculties.

Highly revered and well respected Dr.Wang holds the highest of medical ethics and is tireless in his pursuit of methods and knowledge to blend modern technology and age-old practices to master and improve his skills in providing the highest level of care to all patients. 

Lifestyle Diseases on the Rise

Lifestyle Diseases on the RiseIn the year 2015, we are facing more diseases than the average person can name. Our society as a whole is not embracing healthy lifestyles and so we continue to see more “lifestyle diseases” emerge and their number of affected rise. These problems continue to arise and become more dangerous to those that are older, becoming less active, more obese, and more exposed to pathogens, and have predispositions through medical history.

These “lifestyle diseases” are becoming more common all the time and can include: cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, allergies, tumors, heart disease, liver disease, stroke, various cancers, hypertension, obesity, and diseases associated with smoking and alcohol and drug abuse.

While the incidence of life-threatening contagious diseases has been greatly reduced by Western medicine’s advancements, there is a limit to what aggressive Western treatment can do for lifestyle diseases.

A Balanced Treatment Approach

A Balanced Treatment ApproachIntegrative Therapy Research (ITR) is founded upon the fusion of Eastern and Western medical theories. Dr. Xianen Wang, a prominent physician with educational and clinical roots in both China and Japan, founded ITR with the purpose of combining the positive aspects of Eastern and Western medicines to create a balanced approach to treating diseases.

The statements made herein are the opinion of the author.  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Patients with illness should visit their healthcare provider for a full evaluation. 

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